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Branson with his beloved mother, Eve.
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Hacker. Dropout. CEO.
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TIME-LAPSE: Hillary Clinton ages 50 years in 60 seconds
Bill & Hillary with 3 yr old Chelsea Gov Assoc Event
Image may contain: 2 people
Bill & Hillary hugging - during WH years
זוג קלינטון
John and Annie Glenn pose with William J. and Hillary Clinton, 1983
הילרי קלינטון וביל קלינטון
Bill and Hillary embrace one another at a conference in Nashville, Tennessee
President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton see mask-to-mask during a trip to Mexico.  -- 1998
Bill and Hillary kissing
These Vintage Pics of Bill and Hillary Clinton Will Give You So Many Feels
Hillary and Bill Clinton on a flight between Lansing and Saginaw
הילרי קלינטון עם ביל קלינטון / Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton
Grandma Hillary with baby Aidan who is now 8 months old - not sure date of photo
What's with writers knowing one of the most painful thing for us to watch besides someone losing their lover is a twin losing their twin?!?! This is playing dirty, and I won't stand for it!!!